Steps of service:

· Initiate letter on company letterhead to carriers directing billing to ABC Logistics, Inc.
· Identify proper accounting codes (provided by customer).
· Receive freight bills from carrier base.
· Audit freight bill for correct billing.  Items audited include but are not limited to: 

    - Duplicate payments.
    - Proper classification of freight by carrier.
    - Correct contracted rate base

    - Correct discounts
    - Fuel surcharge cap
    - Proper accessorial charges

· Data input all information from bills for use to create reports.
· Create weekly report showing freight bills processed and amount due to each carrier.
· Transmit data to accounting department for review prior to funding.

· Provide custom reporting in multiple formats such as: pdf for printing, and Microsoft Excel for data 
· Weekly reports can also be customized and transferred directly to customer's server via SFTP (Secure
   File Transfer Protocol).

Advantages to customer:

· Studies show the cost to properly audit freight bills in house and process each bill internally is over $10 per freight bill.
· Ability to receive carrier invoices electronically (EDI) to eliminate key entry errors.
· Our system of pre-auditing the freight bills prior to them being paid captures billing errors BEFORE checks are issued to carriers.
· In many cases the amount saved in billing errors each week exceeds the minimal cost that ABC charges for the freight payment service.

· Choosing our preferred payment Option #3 insures that the customer is in FULL control of their funding with no opportunity for mishandling of any money by ABC or any of it's employees.
· Customized reports, provided at NO extra charge to match the customer's needs including, but not limited to location specific, inbound/outbound, LTL, truckload, accounting codes, shipper/vendor specific, etc.
· Contract agreement between ABC Logistics, Inc. and customer insures that there are NO hidden charges for the services rendered.  Unlike other companies, ABC Logistics, Inc. does NOT charge for phone calls from customer or carriers.
· NO extra charges for custom reports.

Please call with any questions or comments. A price for the service in writing will be made available after identifying the monthly estimated bill count and the complexity of accounting codes to be used for data processing.

Weekly and monthly reports are generated for each customer. These reports are available in easily printable .pdf format or spreadsheet formats such as Microsoft Excel.

Reports are emailed to customer weekly, monthly or whenever customer requests. Reports are customized to meet each client’s needs at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Available Field list for reports:

Funding / Payment Options:

Option 1:

ABC Logistics, Inc. processes invoices and provides customer with weekly  cutoff report of invoices ready for payment, along with weekly invoice from ABC for services rendered (Audit/Processing fees, Amounts due to carriers, and Postage for mailing checks). 
Customer reviews reports and funds total amount of invoice via ACH Payment, Wire Transfer or Check to ABC Logistics, Inc. bank.  Once funded, ABC prepares checks and mails to carriers every week.  Checks are issued to carriers on agreed on cut off weekday once funding has been received.
ABC will provide a weekly report for customer showing the date the check was issued along with the check number for each carrier.

Option 2:

Steps above remain the same, but instead of customer funding the weekly ABC invoice, the customer provides check stock, from their freight funds bank account and ABC will print the provided customer checks and mail weekly payment to carriers. Including one check for ABC service provided. 
Same reports each week are available showing customer's check numbers and dates checks were issued to carriers.

Option 3:

ABC Logistics, Inc. performs the audit and data processing of customer's freight invoices.   After specified cut off day each week, ABC provides detailed reports to customers, who will IN-HOUSE issue their checks directly to carrier.   ABC provides printable backup details for each carrier for customer to include when mailing their check.  ABC Logistics, Inc. separately invoices customers for audit/processing fees and any postage incurred on behalf of customer.

Providing Quality Freight Payment Services
Your source for pre-audit, data entry, reporting and check processing
Based on the number & mode of carriers used and yearly volume of freight invoices, studies have shown, if your company is processing freight bills in-house and not performing a knowledgeable audit, YOU ARE OVERPAYING FREIGHT INVOICES.

While auditing for over payments, rate errors and duplicate payments, ABC Logistics saves your company money and valuable labor hours.  With our years of carrier business associations, software and pricing contract knowledge we will ensure that your freight costs are correct and controlled.

Our Pre-Audit of bills, supported by EDI data capture, custom reporting, and direct payment systems, provides peace of mind that your company is in complete control of freight costs!

Carrier Pro # 

Company Name

Carrier Name           

Consignee Name 

Weight (total) 

Batch #                  

Date Shipped     

Payment Method                

Street - Origin   
Zip Code - Origin           

Zip Code - Destination    

Company Location #   


Cost per Hundred Weight (cwt) 

Customer P.O. # 

Shipper Name  
Freight Class       
Commodity Description
Distribution / Accounting Codes
Invoice Date
Amount Billed
City - Origin   
Street - Destination 
Auditor Remark        

Itemized Accessorial Charges

Fuel Surcharge       
Carrier Invoice #


Bill of Lading #

Pieces (Total)

Carrier Account #

Check #

Date Paid

Amount Paid

State - Origin
City - Destination

Company #


Lift gate service

Inside Delivery or W&I

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