Q. Why should we consider outsourcing?

As transportation professionals with decades of combined freight and logistics experience. Our expertise allows clients to concentrate on their core competencies, while leaving the transportation to us.

Q. What type of dollar savings can we expect to receive?

The amount of savings will vary but generally one can achieve freight bill savings of 20%+. Additionally, you will see intangible savings in labor, time and materials.

Q. Will our carrier base need to be changed?

A. You make all decisions. Through your volume combined with our excellent buying power with the transportation market, we are able to negotiate lower rates, while maintaining improved service levels.

Q. What will it cost for ABC to audit, process and pay our freight bills?

The cost for processing freight bills varies from client to client based on a variety of audit and data entry items, but it is a fraction of what in-house audit and payment costs. Our knowledge and technology allows us to maintain a very fair per- bill cost and as such substantial savings to you.

Q. Can we outsource only a portion of our transportation functions?

A. Absolutely. ABC is not a one-size-fits-all company. You can outsource all or any portion of the transportation function, depending on YOUR needs and expectations.

Q. How long will it take for us to begin seeing savings?

Generally, cost savings can be realized in 30-60 days of implementation, depending on the scope and complexity of your transportation program and requirements.

Q. How can ABC help us achieve our company cost , productivity goals and expectations?

A. Our extensive transportation expertise provides valuable information and suggestions designed to improve your internal processes and provide workable cost savings opportunities.

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